Clip-on Fitting Help

The Easiest Way To Get The Right Size Clip-on

Let us help you find the right size clip-on. All you need to do is email us a scan of your glasses using a regular household printer/scanner, this reduces the need for exchanges and refunds.  We will look at your scan usually the same day or next day to let you know if we have a clip-on that will fit your glasses.


Regular Household Printer Scanner1.  Regular household printers normally have a built in scanner and are pretty easy to use. Open the cover and put your glasses front down on the scanner with a quarter placed next to them for size reference as in the picture below.


Scanning Glasses For Clip-on Sunglasses Assistance2. Scan - Leave the scanner cover open while your scanning so that you do not damage your glasses. If the scan comes out too dark, you can place a white cloth over your glasses also covering the scanner glass while scanning.


Save Scan As PDF File3. For best results save your scan in the .pdf file format.  If you have trouble saving your scan as a pdf file, just select save and email us your results in the form below. 

We will do the rest using photo editing programs.  We will do our best to find a clip-on that will work for your glasses and normally email you the same day or next day depending on how many scans we received for the day.  

**Please note that just uploading a picture of your glasses or just sending the brand & model number of your glasses will not work because the measurement needed is not on the eyeglass websites.  We want to help you get the best fit but the only way is for you to email us a scan your glasses.

Fill out my online form.

To Find The Correct Size Yourself, Follow These Instructions Carefully Below

If you would like to determine the right size on your own, please carefully read through the clip-on sunglasses fitting tips below as it takes time and patience to get the right clip-on for your glasses.  You must measure your glasses very carefully to get a good fitting clip-on, every millimeter in width or height can make a big difference. 

It's best to use a millimeter ruler but if you use a centimeter ruler, you can get the total millimeters by multiplying centimeter results times 10. (Example 5.1cm x 10 = 51mm)

1.  Measure the width and height of one lens including the rim. In the example above, the width is 56mm and the height is 39mm.
2.  Look at our clip-on collection below. In this example the rectangle 56mm x 40mm is the closest shape and size.  Always go to the next bigger size when in-between sizes.

3. If the rim is thicker than 3 millimeters, the clip-on will not attach to the frame properly.


   Available Shapes and Sizes Listed Below

Extra Skinny Rectangle
Extra Skinny Rectangle Clipon Sizes Available
48mm W x 24mm H
50mm W x 24mm H
52mm W x 26mm H
54mm W x 28mm H
56mm W x 30mm H
58mm W x 33mm H
60mm W x 35mm H
62mm W x 37mm H
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Skinny Curve Rectangle
Skinny Curve Rectangle
48mm W x 28mm H
50mm W x 29mm H
52mm W x 30mm H
54mm W x 31mm H
56mm W x 34mm H
58mm W x 37mm H
60mm W x 37mm H
62mm W x 39mm H
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Rectangle Clipon
48mm W x 31mm H
50mm W x 33mm H
52mm W x 35mm H
54mm W x 37mm H
56mm W x 40mm H
58mm W x 42mm H
60mm W x 45mm H
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Slim Rectangle
Slim Rectangle Shape Clipon
52mm W x 31mm H
54mm W x 33mm H
56mm W x 35mm H
58mm W x 37mm H
60mm W x 39mm H
62mm W x 41mm H
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Rounded Rectangle
Rounded Rectangle Clipon Sunglass
49mm W x 30mm H
51mm W x 32mm H
53mm W x 34mm H
55mm W x 36mm H
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Semi Round
Semi Round Clipon Sunglass
46mm W x 45mm H
48mm W x 46mm H
50mm W x 47mm H
52mm W x 49mm H
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Oval Clipon
46mm W x 33mm H
47mm W x 33mm H
49mm W x 35mm H
51mm W x 37mm H
53mm W x 39mm H
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Round Oval Shape Clip-on Sunglasses
48mm Width x 38mm Height

50mm Width x 39mm Height
52mm Width x 40mm Height
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Round Square
 Round Square Clipon Sunglass
52mm W x 50mm H
54mm W x 42mm H
56mm W x 44mm H
58mm W x 46mm H
60mm W x 48mm H
62mm W x 50mm H
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Skinny Oval
 Skinny Oval Clipon Sunglass
48mm W x 28mm H
50mm W x 30mm H
52mm W x 32mm H
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Modified Aviator
Modified Aviator Clipon Sunglass
Discontinued Most Sizes Available Amber
48mm W x 35mm H
50mm W x 37mm H
52mm W x 39mm H
54mm W x 41mm H
56mm W x 43mm H
58mm W x 45mm H
60mm W x 47mm H
62mm W x 49mm H
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Square Clipon Sunglass
Discontinued Most Sizes Available
In Non Polarized Amber & Gray
52mm W x 46mm H
54mm W x 48mm H
56mm W x 50mm H
58mm W x 51mm H
60mm W x 53mm H
61mm W x 53mm H
62mm W x 53mm H
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Once you receive the clip-on, it should never be too snug or tight. The clip-on lens should not rest on your glasses. If you need the next size up or down, please email us and we will immediately ship out the next best size.

Always clean the lenses on your prescription glasses and make sure there isn't any dirt on the clip-on before attaching the clip-on. 

NOTICE: Please be careful when trying on clip-on sunglasses. We cannot be responsible if you accidentally scratch lenses.  If it looks too small or feels too tight, please send it back and we will gladly send you the next size up or you can return them for a refund.

Also please note that if you have an expensive pair of glasses, rimless eyeglass frames or semi rimless, we do not recommend clip-on's for those type of frames.  We cannot be responsible if you accidentally scratch your lenses.  Generally there are no problems but there are risks when you put a non matching pair of clip-on's onto your glasses. In the last 15 years we have only had a few complaints but rub marks or scratches can happen.

Finding the right size takes patience and sometimes requires exchanging a couple of times, we are more than happy to do this so that you get the best fitting option possible.

Once again, if the fit is not correct and you need the next size up or down, please return them by regular first class mail to:
18981 US Hwy 441 Ste 352
Mt Dora, FL 32757

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